Corpus Chartarum Italicarum

Ultimo aggiornamento 5 July 2023

The Corpus Chartarum Italicarum (CCI) is a collection of papers (laid, watermarked or not), established in the early 1940s at the Royal Institute of Book Pathology, which illustrates Italian paper production and its use as a memory support written from the middle of the 13th century up to the present day.

Today it represents one of the most important collection of Italian papers in terms of quantity, quality, historical interest, scientific and structural data. It contains extremely important testimonies such as the first production of Fabriano watermarks (Aurelio Zonghi and Gasparinetti Collection), the first papers produced in Italy as well as papers from all eras from Italian public or private libraries and archives.

The Corpus currently consists of 5500 items, mostly dated and located, in continuous growth: as an “open” repertoire it is constantly increased through acquisitions and donations as well as through the Institute’s conservation and restoration activities.

The database relating to the CCI, the connected document management platform and the online research portal, developed by Alessandra Fucini, are the result of a ten-year intervention program, which ended in 2023 aimed at the conservation, research and enhancement of the repertoire which led to the use of the papers collected therein.

The images and data finally merged into the Bernstein digital environment ( which connects the most important databases and search engines of existing map reproductions in the world.