Anna Onesti

Ultimo aggiornamento 5 July 2023

Anna Onesti Born in 1956 in Rocca di Papa (Rome), she trained by attending the Academies of Fine Arts in Rome, Urbino and Turin, graduating in Scenography and Decoration. You studied in Japan, deepening your knowledge of both traditional Japanese papermaking techniques and the ancient decorative practices associated with dyeing fabrics. Fascinated by the oriental world, she works trying to establish a bridge between different artistic traditions also through the concrete recovery of tools, materials and techniques. Her works are made up of paper, color and essential things. With the oriental paper that she dyes by exploiting the iridescent possibilities of indigo and other natural dyes, in 2005 she began the creation of the kites, her Paper Clouds, also basing their realization on typologies derived from traditional Japanese shapes. The construction of kites increasingly directs her work towards the search for lightness and movement. In addition to Italy, you have also exhibited in Australia, Korea, Estonia, Germany, Japan, India, Indonesia, Iran, Russia, Thailand, in an itinerary that favors the East on the path of the ancient roads that brought paper to Europe.

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