Exhibition on conservation and restoration interventions on memorabilia and documents kept at the Museo del Compendium Garibaldino in Caprera


Ultimo aggiornamento 26 July 2023

Rome, ICPAL – Exhibition Hall

On the occasion of the bicentenary of the birth of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Center for Photo Reproduction, Bookbinding and Restoration of the State Archives carried out an important conservation and restoration operation on documents from the Museum of the Garibaldi Compendium in Caprera. The exhibition retraces some phases.

Thanks to the resonance of his deeds and the fascination exercised throughout the 19th century as a “hero of two worlds”, Giuseppe Garibaldi was certainly the most popular figure at an international level and the one in which the national collective imagination was most recognized.

This  exhibition  reveals the other face of the “hero of two worlds”, that of Garibaldi the “man”. The materials restored by the Center – drawings, prints, handwritten letters, photographs – come from the house where he lived for twenty-five years and also bear witness to private aspects of his life.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on November 3, at 4 pm: with the Director of ICPAL, Armida Batori, Rosario Villari, Aldo Ricci, Annita Garibaldi Jallet, Lia Prosperi.

Telegram of the “I obey”, Central State Archives, Rome

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